Frank Polkowski

Challenging times - how do you maximize your potential without breaking your staff, board members, or volunteers.

Use Frank’s expertise and experience working with all aspects of nonprofit operations to guide you and your organization in becoming a stronger, purpose driven group. His energetic sessions are customized to your needs and structured to provide an interactive environment conducive to growth and improvement at all levels of your organization.

Board Governance
Board Member Duties – Recruitment – Retention – Effective Meetings
Executive Director Relationship - Governance Committee Effectiveness
Committee Efficiency - Policy Assessment – Fiduciary Responsibilities
Coaching and Counseling Board Members – Firing Board Members
“Customer” Service 

Strategic Planning
Mission Development – Visioning – Mission Delivery Assessment
Garnering Involvement – Advisory Assistance
Goal Setting, Timetable, and Follow-up 

Coaching, Counseling and Improvement – Personnel Action Plans
Development Plans – Communications – Delegation
Board and Volunteer Relations – “Customer” Service
Leadership Development and Growth – Succession Planning 

Teamwork – Communications – Leadership - Presentation Skills
Board and Volunteer Relations – Time Management
“Customer” Service 

Volunteer Management
“Customer” Service – Internal and External Relations
Effective Job Descriptions – Recruitment and Retention

Recognition, Retention, and Coaching

Frank is a seasoned practitioner serving on numerous boards. He has been a corporate fund giver, an organizational spokesperson, volunteer, and consultant. He doesn’t just talk about the way it should be, he partners with you to make it happen.

Whether we call them members, patrons, consumers or customers, our responsibly is to the organization’s mission and those we serve.

Non Profit Management

Board Governance 

Board, Volunteer, and Staff Development 

Developing the "Ask"

Non Profit Focus

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